Bond together

Bond together

Welcome to 4CUnity, where it's all about really connecting. Connecting with yourself and / or connecting with your partner or colleagues. During coaching sessions we look at what happens below the waterline. We look at the tip of the iceberg; our behavior. But we mainly look at fears and needs below the waterline. Those are valuable. If we know this and dare to say it out loud, we can make real contact. With ourselves and our partner. I will help you. In a safe 'living room' atmosphere.

As a communications consultant and trainer in intercultural awareness I want to connect groups. During training sessions and courses, I realized that I also like to work with couples and individuals. To help them deepen the connection with themselves and / or others. To support them in creating a strong base for themselves and a strong intimate base for their relationships. The base you can use as a starting point for your life and the place to which you can always return. The base for yourself and for your children.

My point is, if couples have a roadmap about how love and relationships work, after a while they can usually solve their problems and improve their interactions. This also applies to individuals. A roadmap helps you understand what you do, what is holding you back and how you can realize your own dreams.

Besides intercultural awareness training, EFT couples coaching and individual coaching, I give lectures on the value of truly connecting. The sessions can be in Dutch or English.

Marjoleine van Sinderen


"Getting to the core of the problem and connect with respect"

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