When you listen deeply to yourself and others, thinking can deepen and understanding can bloom

  • Do you need more time to think for yourself with ease, in silence, without interruption and without steering?
  • Do you want more clarity in your work, career, life, leadership or business?
  • Do you want more encouragement and courage in your job, career, life, leadership or business?
  • Do you want a safe and confidential place to build more confidence for in your work, career, life, leadership or business?
  • Do you want to become the best leader you can be?
  • Do you want more engagement from your team?
  • Do you want to help your team to find the best solutions and make the right decisions?
  • Do you want shorter and more effective meetings in which everyone gets to speak briefly and in which the best possible output is generated?
  • Do you want to embed another culture in your company or team?
  • Do you want to think about any other subject which is important to you?

As a Time to Think Coach and group facilitator with a background in cross-cultural awareness, communication and mindfulness, I create the right environment and ask the right questions so you can discover for yourself and take the next step forward. The solution is often already within you. I help you listen to it. If you have missing information or a question for me, feel free to ask it.

Improve your life, relationships, leadership, cooperation, and listening

Find answers and solutions to your most important questions and challenges.

Improve your listening skills to help others to become who they are meant to be. Whether it is your partner, children, colleagues, or team members. Help them by listening so that they can excel.

Read and listen between the lines to cooperate effectively with your colleagues, customers or suppliers from a different cultural background.

Understand who you truly are and what you really want by slowing down, stop and listening inwardly.

Marjoleine van Sinderen, Coach & Facilitator

Think deeply to find better solutions

Think deeply for yourself and as yourself, without being steered or interrupted seems to be a luxery and exception nowadays. Use your full potential, knowledge and wisdom, make better decisions and take the following steps. What would you like to think about and what are your thoughts? I will be your Thinking Environment.

Listen deeply to others

By listening deeply to others, they feel safe, heard and valued. This allows them to focus better and find their own best solutions. As a coach and facilitator, I help you and/or your team be a Thinking Environment for others so that you can generate each other’s best thinking, extraordinary ideas and outstanding results with ease and in record time.

Cultural Awareness and Listening

Improve your intercultural awareness and listening to anticipate and increase your efficiency in international teams. Improve your cross-cultural communication and relationships. Which culture or cultures would you like to learn more about?

Listen inwardly to your authentic self

Listen and feel inwardly to know what is most important to you and what fits you best. By following our breathing and being mindful, we can listen to ourselves and get to our core. Then we know what is ours and what to do. A side effect is that we are then better able to listen to and understand others.

I worked on my self-confidence.

“I came to Marjoleine because I wanted to work on my self-confidence. I always like to do things well, but doubt myself in the process. The questions I got while walking (during the coaching sessions) helped me to go deeper into this and thus to think about it further. I found out that I often think negatively, which affects my self-confidence. I managed to change that.”

(about Time to Think coaching)

You will be of benefit to so many

“Knowing you and the quality of listening that you bring means that you will be of benefit to so many”.

(about Marjoleine as a listener and Time to Think Coach)

Deep Listening is a wonderful tool

“My deep listening allowed someone to talk fully and freely. I didn’t interrupt her, was silent, stayed with her with my attention and occasionally asked an open-ended question. The conversation afterwards was deeper and more familiar as a result. I realized that giving the other person full space to talk, by remaining completely silent and neutral myself, is a wonderful tool, one that we use very little -perhaps for some people never-.”

(about the Deep Listening Challenge)

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