When you listen to yourself and others with compassion, thinking can deepen and understanding can bloom

As a Business Anthropologist, Coach in Independent Thinking, Intercultural Awareness and Communication Coach and Trainer, and Facilitator of meetings, I will show you how and practice with you.

Improve your communication, cooperation and trustful work relationship

Find answers and solutions to questions and challenges you have.

Improve your listening skills to help others excel.

Work effectively with your colleagues, customers or suppliers from a different cultural background.

Achieve better joint results with your American colleagues, customers, suppliers.

Marjoleine van Sinderen, Business Anthropologist & Coach & Facilitator

Think and listen deeply to find better solutions

Think deeply and use your full potential, make better decisions and achieve your goals. What would you like to think about and what are your thoughts?

By listening deeply to others, they can concentrate better and find more creative solutions. As a facilitator I will help your team to generate extraordinary ideas and excellent results with ease and in record time.

Cultural Awareness and Communication

Improve your intercultural awareness to anticipate and increase your efficiency in international teams. Which culture or cultures would you like to learn more about?

Online training to Inspire & Convince Americans + supervision

Adjust your messages and proposals so that your American conversation partner will see the benefits of your plans and be convinced by them. Your cooperation will be less stressful and more fun.

Free tools

‘The 35 Most Appreciated Compliments by Americans’ to break the ice.
‘Exercise to Clear your Mind’ so you can listen more deeply to yourself and then to others.

Must say that this training is a real eye-opener!

“It is very much helpful in improving your professional relationship with Americans. You’ll get a better understanding of the cultural differences and how to cope with them. In addition, the training is very well structured, hands-on and fun too.”

(about the online training Inspire & Convince Americans)

I managed to keep practicing new skills until I had mastered them. Now I get compliments.

“I don’t know how you did it, but through the training and your guidance I started to adopt new behavior. At first I was too direct and too negative. Now I get compliments from my American colleagues. I have less stress and am less anxious.”

(about the online training Inspire & Convince Americans)

I worked on my self-confidence.

“I came to Marjoleine because I wanted to work on my self-confidence. I always like to do things well, but doubt myself in the process. The questions I got while walking (during the coaching sessions) helped me to go deeper into this and thus to think about it further. I found out that I often think negatively, which affects my self-confidence. I managed to change that.”

(about coaching to listen and think deeply)

You will be of benefit to so many.

“Knowing you and the quality of listening that you bring means that you will be of benefit to so many”.

(about Marjoleine as a listener)

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Make contact in a way that most Americans recognize and like.

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