Managing expectations while living abroad

Living abroad can be lonely. The situation is completely new. How to cope with your expectations and those of others? - Plus an invitation to their colleagues: how to help in a respectful way? Ask them: what's on your mind?

Being human-centred

Being with yourself, breathing, listening inwardly and to others nourish your human-centered leadership style. Start small. How? Some insights, exercises and tips.

Peaches and coconut culture

During a networking event in America the US host asked the entire group to share something personal that the participants had never shared with anyone before.
Build trust the American way

How to build a trusting relationship with Americans?

If there is mutual trust you can feel safe enough to exchange, to collaborate, to come up with solutions and make a profit. Build trust the American way.

Listening to a report of inappropriate behavior

Suppose one of your employees comes to you to report inappropriate behavior. What do you want for him or her? My idea would be to create a safe space in which this person feels heard. Be attentively present and listen deeply. But how? Some guidelines.

The compliments that Americans appreciate

What compliments might Americans appreciate? That is most likely a different compliment than, say, a German, Italian or Finn would appreciate. It depends on the values they value in their culture and value as a person.

“Individual differences are more important in an international cooperation than cultural differences”.

I partly agree. We are human and unique, in that sense we have individual differences. But if you ignore the fact that there are cultural differences, you will have a hard time understanding the other person unbiasedly. You will look at him/her through your own cultural and colored glasses, of which you may not be aware that you are wearing them.

Coaching: Enriching and deepening your cooperation

Imagine yourself improving your cooperation with Americans or convincing higher management regardless their cultural background. Imagine to convince them from your inner peace, strength and with confidence.

Pearls of remarks

‘I have a great relationship with Americans, no issues, no frustrations. Yet, I would like to explore how I can supplement my toolbox and see if I can take it to the next level'. I love the willingness. A totally different and also beautiful remark: "Can't the Americans just change, instead of us?” A question with no intention of deliberately offending, but with room to explore.