Find common ground to achieve common goals

Understand what is happening in your working relationship and get answers with individual classes.

Can you imagine reducing your blind spot and to become a seer? To see things actually happen, which you never saw before, although it was alway there, right in front of you. Can you imagine being able to foresee what is likely to happen and to anticipate? Can you imagine to understand, to solve and to improve your cooperation with Americans? To facilitate it yourself?

These individual classes are an addition to the online training. Have you completed the assignments in the workbooks and want to discuss your answers in dept? Then book your online individual class(es). If you have additional questions on your personal cooperation with Americans, then let’s find answers together. As a business anthropologist and sparring partner, I have knowledge of many different cultures and have specialized in American business culture, communication, persuasion and relations. I will help you to understand and improve your cooperation with Americans even further. Please read further to get ideas about possible additional learning questions and areas.

The individual classes are suitable for people working in Tech Companies, such as engineers, technicians, researchers, technical managers, project leaders, program managers, resource managers, quality managers, BU/BL managers, CEO’s, owners, sales and marketing, personal assistants, etc of all cultural backgrounds, but based in the European Union (for tax reasons).

Do you need troubleshooting or a longer trajectory? It is all possible. Please read my blog on classes.

Your investment

The online training is € 2,300 excl. VAT (lifelong access).
A free initial videoconferencing call to discover your additional learning questions and a one-hour lesson to find answers is € 267 excl. VAT per person.
our classes including the free initial call is € 789 excl. VAT per person.

To give you an idea, here are possible additional learning questions and areas:

Let’s find and answer them together.

How to keep the attention of Americans? How to keep the attention in a multicultural group?

How to avoid talking about problems and disadvantages, but still discuss what needs to be discussed?

How to deal with their decision process? What is going on? How to help them change their minds?

How to build trust? How to convince them of your ideas and proposals?

Why do they react the way they do? How to prevent an irritated reaction? What to do when they hardly respond?

How to give feedback? How to interpret their feedback? How to disagree?