Gain fresh insights to move forward

As a listening coach, I listen deeply to you so you can think and feel more deeply than you ever have before. You will gain new profound insights on any topic, whether it is your personal development, your situation at home or at work, your field of work, technology, leadership, project management, quality, collaboration, organizational structure or culture or any other subject. You bring in the topic and the questions you want answered.

Time to Think Coach

I coach in the fields:

Independent Thinking for yourself, as yourself

Listening to others

Cultural Awareness

Listening and feeling inwardly

Improve your Thinking to find Better Solutions to your Challenges

During your individual thinking session, we will first clear our own minds for a few minutes, come to peace, free from rush and noises and focus. Then you bring in the topic of your choice, which is important to you. You will think deeply as yourself, for yourself and I am with you, asking you the right question at the right time to generate your thinking.

During the session, assumptions about yourself, others or the situation may arise that are holding you back from moving forward and achieving your goals. Assumptions influence our thoughts, feelings and actions, so it is good to be aware of them. You will understand your assumptions better, examine them and replace them with neutral or more positive assumptions so that you can see possibilities and solutions again.

Listening to generate your thinking

Generative listening is a technic used to ignite your mind, to bring out and use your full potential, to get answers to your questions and challenges, to make decisions and achieve your goals.

Your own thinking will deepen in a Thinking Environment, with the right conditions, such as the attentive presence of me as a listening coach, silence, no interruptions, no directing, no judgements, no opinions and the right open-ended questions at the right time. It is listening in a way you may never have experienced before.

What do you get out of the sessions?

You will find answers to questions like (please fill in):

  • I want to do… , I want to continue… , I want to create… , I want to plan….
  • I want to feel more… (comfortable, fulfilled, confident, etc)
  • I no longer want to feel… (shy, insecure, nervous, frustrated, etc)
  • I want to understand why I….
  • I want to investigate, think, expand, wonder about a particular subject, namely….
Target group

The coaching is of interest to anyone who wants to find solutions and answers. The coaching sessions will be in English or Dutch.

Frequency and duration

The sessions will be one-on-one. We have 6 x 90 minute coaching meetings focused on your relevant outcomes. 4 x 60 or 6 x 60 minutes is also possible. We will meet via video conference, or in my or your office, somewhere else or if you like during a walk in nature.

Mindfulness as an additional option

Following our breath and feeling our bodies helps us come home to who we really are, our authentic selves. As a yoga, breathing and meditation teacher, I hold the space, create a safe place and radiate: ‘I’ve got you. Your thoughts and feelings matter’. When needed and desired, I combine breathing with Time To Think coaching sessions so that you can listen even more inwardly to what is truly important to you and to what you really want in life. The way we breathe affects how we think, feel and act. When we are able to listen within, we are better able to recognize our thoughts, feelings and actions, understand ourselves and have compassion for ourselves. Then we are able to listen more deeply to others and understand them better. It will improve our (work) relationships.

Listening to Others to Generate their Thinking

Do you want to further develop your listening skills to allow others to find their solutions? What pearls of thought will your family members, colleagues, vendors, customers come up with?

First you will experience what it is like to think deeply yourself in a Thinking Environment, then you will practice to create the right conditions for others.

By promising not to interrupt, by being attentive, by asking open-ended questions and other skills and principals, you will stimulate the thinking process of others and therefore your own. By creating a Thinking Environment, they will add enormous value by tapping into their resourcefulness and wisdom, using their skills better and concentrating better. They will save time, make better decisions, be more productive and creative.

The Diep Luisteren Challenge (in Dutch) and the Group Facilitation enables you to listen deeply to others.

Target group

This is of interest to anyone and especially to leaders. We all lead by example as a parent, manager, colleague, teacher, etc. The sessions will be one-on-one. We have 6 x 90 minute coaching meetings. 6 x 60 minutes is also possible. We will meet via video conference, or in my or your office.

If you want to apply your listening skills in your team and/or develop your team’s listening skills, we will practice that as well.

Cultural Awareness Coaching to Understand, Communicate & Cooperate Better

Our cultural background often influence what we see, what we think and what we do, so also our way of working, communicating and cooperating.

In order to better listen, understand, communicate and work with people from different cultural backgrounds, motivate, inspire, convince them and satisfy customers, we need to better understand their culture so that we know how to interpret the meaning behind the words and their actions or lack of actions. Then we will understand why they do what they do and how we can act and react appropriately and adjust our messages, feedback, questions and actions accordingly to build a more mutually trusting working relationship with them. The coaching prevents you from making cross-cultural missteps, it prevents misunderstandings, unnecessary conflicts and ultimately failure. It makes cooperation much more enjoyable.


You will better decode and understand your and others’ culture(s). You will improve your cultural knowledge and awareness and turn it into deep cultural understanding. You will prace your new skills to further enhance your effectiveness in dealing with people from different cultural backgrounds.


The topics we will cover are the most common problems in business communication arising from cultural differences. The topics are feedback, engagement, leadership, decision-making, building trust, disagreements and planning. You will see how the cultures involved (including yours) score on these topics, what the bottle necks are and how to tackle them. You will learn to listen carefully and read between the lines. You will get advice on how to adjust your communication and leadership style.

The coaching sessions will be one-on-one. We have 4 x 60 minute or 6 x 60 minute or 8 x 60 minute coaching meetings, depending your learning needs. We will meet via video conference, or in my or your office.

Deep listening.. a special experience talking to Marjoleine

“She gives me confidence that I can speak freely, without being judged. She does not direct the conversation. Instead, I can bring forward anything to my needs. I notice that her repeating the same questions really helps. I think and feel deeper bit by bit. A the end I can clearly see my negative beliefs, so I can start exploring what possibilities there are for me when I could free myself from these beliefs”.

At the end of the session I felt discharge

“The assumptions I had about the other and about myself I examined and now understand better. I grant this experience to everyone who is open to it. Marjoleine is a pleasant person and very skilled in her profession”.

I feel really strong and confident

“Marjoleine, you radiate that I can trust you. I prefer not to show my emotions, but have done so with you. The listening session has given me more insight into the feelings and questions I am struggling with. I have found my own answers to them. At the end of the listening session I came up with a question to myself that I still ask myself daily and that helps me tremendously. It has an immediate effect on me and therefore on others. Now, a week later after our listening session, not only do I get appreciation from others, but I feel really strong and confident.”

I have more positive thoughts about myself after 6 sessions

“I have learned how to change negative thoughts into neutral or positive ones. I often wondered what others would think of me. I thought they thought negatively about me. Now I don’t wonder about that anymore. I am more grounded, more centred and I know how my breathing can help me to to stay close to myself and go on from there.”

Your amazing contributions

“Beautiful insights, Marjoleine. Thank YOU for your amazing contributions and leading the way for others in modelling what really good listening looks and feels like”.

Bridging and connecting

“I love Marjoleine’s passion for ‘bridging and connecting’ and truly seeking to listen and understand!”

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