Coaching: Enriching and deepening your cooperation

5 February 2021 by Marjoleine van Sinderen, 4c Unity

Foresee and anticipate

Can you imagine reducing your blind spot and to become a seer? To see things actually happen, which you never saw before, although it was alway there, right in front of you. Can you imagine being able to foresee what is likely to happen and to anticipate? Imagine yourself being able to clarify it and to solve it, to make your cooperation run easier, more succesful? Can you imagine a working relationship and cooperation that is positive for both of you? Can you imagine formulating your ideas in a way that is positive, appealing, respectful and successful in a way that makes your colleagues and higher management enthusiastic?

You can take coaching in addition to the online training or without taking the online training first.

Your personal case

You can book coaching in addition to the online training. Have you completed the assignments in the workbooks and want to discuss your answers in dept? Then book your coaching. If you have additional questions on your personal cooperation with Americans, then let’s find answers together. I would love to hear about your personal case. The classes are not just for you to understand what is happening, but to be able to anchor knowledge and skills in your daily work life, in your actions. Then you make a real positive change and valuable contribution. With the right knowledge and skills, you will make great progress in your cooperation and work relation.

Convincing higher management

You can book coaching without taking the online training first. These coaching sessions are about convincing higher management regardless their cultural background. It is about improving your confident attitude, your deeply listening and questioning, and a convincing content of your presentation and proposal. We will first discuss your needs. What you learn will depend on your learning needs. Let’s discuss your needs:

Your investment

Do you need quick troubleshooting or a longer trajectory? It’s all possible. Achieving unity in diversity, with leveraging differences between you and them, is what 4c Unity stands for. With the online training and now also with the coaching, this is within your reach. More information about your investment.

Curious how you can improve?

Please mail me. You will have lifelong access to the online training. Something to fall back on. We do it right, no half measures. If you like to receive new articles directly in your inbox, please send me an e-mail: If you like to read the other articles right now, please be my guest.