30-Day Challenge: Understanding Americans and Listening Deeply

Strengthen your collaboration, gain trust and build rapport

In the online challenge platform you will deepen and practice your listening, communication, convincing and cultural skills, in just 7 minutes a day. You will learn in a light-hearted, playful, free and fun way.

You will learn and practice:

  • how to listen deeply to free people’s minds so they can tap into their resourcefulness, creativity and problem-solving abilities.
  • how to listen to yourself. When you first listen to yourself, you are better able to really listen to others.
  • how to decode the messages of Americans, which you may have missed before.
  • why they act as they do.
  • which questions to ask and which to avoid.
  • how to give feedback, so that you do not inadvertently offend them. How to receive their feedback so you don’t miss their urgent message.
  • how to respond in a way that is good for you and them, so that you can agree more quickly together.

The content of the challenge:

  • you get Daily Inspiration, which is a quote to think about.
  • you get my micro-lessons on a regular basis (3 per week) to learn more on listening and the American culture.
  • you choose your Daily Intentions from a list (based on micro lessons). The intentions you set are only visible to you.
  • you can share yours wins and insights and others will too, so we will learn from each other’s observations and experiences and improve our listening and understanding.
  • you get a weekly video, usually a TedTalk, related to listening and cultural awareness for more inspiration and reflection.
  • you will share what you are grateful for in the moment. Being grateful helps you to think more positive, which has a great impact on your happiness and success.
  • you will get a bit of virtual coaching by me.

More information

The challenge is being built. Would you like to be notified of the start of the challenge? Then please enter your name and email here.

For companies

If you want to do this challenge with only your company members, please contact me: marjoleine@4cunity.com. I can set up a custom branded challenge that is private for you. If you want your team to add to a public challenge then you can get prepaid “seats”.

Keep me updated!

Your investment:

Your daily time investment will be small, but the impact will be huge. Your investment for this challenge is now only €24 including tax, as this first challenge is a test.