“America is big. There are many regional differences. How can you say anything meaningful about the American culture?”

Have you ever lived abroad or worked abroad for a short period of time? Then you may have the same experience as I have. I come from a small village near Eindhoven in the south of the Netherlands. I studied and lived in Amsterdam and for a short period in the USA. I also lived in France for a few years. My husband comes from the north of the Netherlands, a region we visit often. These Dutch regions are different and so are the people. In some Dutch regions the people are, let’s say very very direct, in some more withdrawn or even stern and in some Burgundian and indirect. However, after living abroad I see a clear, visible national Dutch culture, compared for example to the French and American culture. We Dutch people tend to deal with things in a specific way. We can be very direct, even rude (not all of us) and are egalitarian. The French, the Americans, etc. have their specific way of dealing with situations. Reseachers agree on this.

There is a clear visible American culture and mentality, based on their history: first come, first served. Still today you will see: if it works, do it, before anyone else does. Very practical and full of action. They are service minded, very optimistic and think that time is money. This mentality has impact on the way they work, they test, run their projects, sell their services, etc. This can be very different than your approach. So how to deal with that? How to reach them?