“Americans are full of themselves, sure of their solutions and think their way of working is the best. They cannot be convinced otherwise.”

It can be difficult. Americans are generally proud. They don’t have a lot of time, decide quickly and change their minds. They like to act consistent with their previous opinions and actions. Some Americans (not all!) may assume that their norms are the only correct ones. So they may not be very interested in yours. Inhale and exhale. Relax!

Americans can definitely be convinced if you have the right knowledge and skills. So if you delve into the other person and come up with the right arguments, then they are willing to do what is best for the continuity and turnover of the company. But what is best for the company, your project or product? You regularly have discussions with them or need to have a conversation. The assignments help you to find the right arguments that will appeal to them. It helps you to formulate your thoughts powerfully. They will understand you better. You will ‘command’ respect.