“Convincing someone… Is that positive or negative? Is it for your own gain or for the sake of both?”

In the course of your work, you are probably trying to convince your colleagues, managers, buyers or suppliers to see and understand your point, to hear your opinion so that your expertise is fully utilized. So you try to convince why you guys should choose X instead of Y or why you need certain information to do what they ask of you. Or to convince them to test more often or to reuse a component.

This online training is about being heard, being taken seriously, being understood, understanding Americans, understanding what they are receptive to and finding solutions that are right for both of you. Convincing depends on the culture. A German, Chinese, Indian needs different details and arguments than an American to be convinced. We think we understand each other because we all speak English, but there are so many signals that pass you by, causing misunderstandings and frustrations.

This training is about becoming aware, becoming a seer, a facilitator and culturally intelligent. It’s about making Americans receptive to you and convincing them with respect for them and for yourself. In a few minutes. You learn to be accurate, quick and positive.