“How can I as an employee, convince my American manager that I should do this course?”

To make it easier for you and for your American manager, I’ve added a pdf you can send and discuss with him or her. It is especially for American managers.

Some parts of the pdf may surprise you. Your American manager or his or her group members might experience different issues in the working relationship with you, than you do. Or they might want to prevent these kind of issues. For instance, they might think you talk too much about problems, disadvantages and details. They might think that at times you are too direct, even rude or the opposite; vague and ambiguous, depending your cultural background. They might not understand why you don’t act in line with their feedback. They might think you react too slow when things change. I write ‘might be’, because it might not be so ‘bad’ or it might be only one of these issues.

I need to address their pain and issues (in pdf, left upper box) in order to show I understand their possible view. The training will improve the connection and interactions between both of you, via you. (in pdf: results of training, right upper box). This training helps Americans to understand you better, because you will start to communicate in a way they understand. A lack of mutual understanding is to blame. That is exactly what we are going to solve.

When you give/send the pdf, you might want to add that you would like to communicate more clear with them and that you would like to build a trustful relationship with them. That you would like to share your inputs, knowledge and expertise in a way they would recognize and appreciate and would suit you. Explain that with your cultural background you are accustomed to a different communication style than theirs, which can generate misunderstanding. Explain that you would like to understand Americans better and be better understood by them. Explain that you would love to be innovative together and make money together.

Don’t state in a negative way that you don’t feel heard or feel misunderstood by him or her or by your American colleagues even if you do. You might think: “Of course I won’t!”. Depending your culture, you might think: “Why can’t I just say that? It is the truth. We should be honest and open towards each other in order to work well together”. In one culture you can, in the other it is insulting. We will get into that in the training.

Keep your email or explanation short :). The pdf will help you. Your email title could be: ‘best method to ….’ or ‘fastest way to…’ or ‘how I can improve…’.

Good luck!