“When I adapt to the Americans, I am fake and superficial.”

Many Americans use words as ‘great’, ‘excellent’ and ‘I am absolutely thrilled to be here’. That might be exaggerated and even demeaning to you, because yes, not everything in life is great. You will learn why they do this and how to interpret this the right way, so that you will be able to filter it (and feel less irritated). Their way is not yours, but it suits them. That’s fine. This training helps you to change your perception of Americans. You will understand them better, which is good for your cooperation.

Can you adapt your message to the American way without losing yourself? Without feeling ‘fake and superficial’? Without feeling that you are buttering up the other person? I and many others have experienced that this is possible.
You don’t have to change your personality if you convey your message and proposal differently. You stay true to the content of your message. You don’t change the core of your proposal: only the order, length, arguments, ‘packaging’ and the way you tell them. You formulate it differently and better. You will use arguments that are relevant to them and obviously correct. You don’t use arguments that you would be sensitive to, but to which they aren’t sensitive.

Basically, by adapting the ‘packaging’ you won’t lose yourself. The only risk you run is that you will be heard sooner.