Meet Marjoleine

“It is a joy to watch others find their answers and solutions during their coaching sessions, to see their relief and to listen to their steps on how to proceed”.

“I love the moment when the pennies drop during the cultural awareness coaching: ‘shall I do it like this from now on? Is that easier and better for my colleague [with a different cultural background]?'”

“My passion is to connect people with themselves and with others”.

I believe…

  • in using our breath and body to relax, so that we can listen inwardly and fully tap into our wisdom. Then we know what our next step should be.
  • that valuable answers and solutions often lie within ourselves.
  • we can build bridges to others with a little help, knowledge, practice and compassion.
  • that a deep understanding of others and listening to others will improve our trusting working relationship with them. It will increase our outcomes.
  • that I am ok and you are ok.
  • in being open to personal and cultural differences and challenging ourselves to bridge them.
  • in seeing goodness in ourselves and others and showing them our appreciation for who they are.
  • in gratitude. It is worthy to see the positive in our lives.
  • in reaching out to others to help them flourish and use their full potential.
  • that we will all be much better off if we really see and acknowledge the human being in front of us.

My mission…

is to help the world and its inhabitants to become more understanding and compassionate towards themselves and others.

My purpose…

is to create a safe environment where you can learn, practice, be silent, ‘unpack’ & discover and laugh. An environment where you can improve your thinking, your listening, your life, your communication and leadership style, your cultural sensitivity and connections.

How I do that can be found on this website.

I am…

a human being, deep listener, a Time to Think Coach, a Time to Think Group Facilitator, a business anthropologist, a yoga and breathing practitioner and teacher. I am a woman, a wife and a mother of 3 sons. I am a friend, a sister and a daughter. I am a thinker, a feeler, a person who is always looking for more depth, knowledge and bonding.

Thank you for being here, for reading and listening. I love to meet you and learn more about you.