Work effectively with Americans

Develop your American cultural sensitivity, your ability to inspire, listen, convince, cooperate and communicate with them all at once. You get lifetime access to the Inspire and Convince Americans online training course and because you receive long-term supervision, you practice and embed new skills.

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Receive your free copy of ‘the 35 Most Appreciated Compliments’ and break the ice.

My colleagues are thrilled to support my proposals

“If you want to convince someone of your idea, it’s not sufficient to have a brilliant idea. This training helped me better understand what drives my American colleagues but also what drives me as a person. I learned to apply both and create proposals my colleagues not only can identify with but are thrilled to support. Through the supervision there was lots of room for practicing, listening, feedback and learning. The supervision shows Marjoleine is not only a great trainer but also an excellent listener and coach.”

I am so much more aware now.

”I have been working with Americans for 20 years. I recognise a lot in your training. It is exactly as you describe it. Only now it is all coming together. I didn’t know that this was behind it. I am so much more aware now.”

The level of communication with my American colleagues has greatly increased!

“The training thought me that communicating (in business) with another person starts with knowing that person’s background/culture. The level of communication with my American colleagues has greatly increased after applying the knowledge I now have.”

The right way

“Marjoleine has a real passion for listening and communicating in the RIGHT way, to Americans”.

Result of this training is your proposal that Americans can hardly resist

You will understand:

  • the American cultural background so that you can interpret their message as it is intended.
  • their actions, reactions and decisions or lack thereof better.
  • how to deliver your message so that they understand you. You know the right terminology, words and arguments.
  • what they need in order to be convinced and well informed.
  • how to radiate trust in your proposal.
  • how to increase their trust in you and your ideas so you can convince them.
  • how to keep their attention and make Americans even more eager.
  • what not to say.
  • how to get more appreciation for your expertise, results, ideas, products and services and feel more appreciation for them.
  • how the cooperation will take less effort.

Perception of Americans:

  • “Now I get positive messages.”
  • “It is as if they finally believe in their proposals themselves.”
  • “I am convinced by the quality of their machines. Made in Germany.”
  • “I used to think they were ‘weepers’, not anymore.”
  • “He could go on and on, now he is clear and takes decisive actions.”
  • “I can rely on her. She proved that she can do the job.”
  • “They have a lot of expertise, which is good for our project and customers.”
  • “I am sure we can make more profit now.”
  • “I didn’t understand Bernard, my German manager. Now we have less misunderstandings.”
  • “I get help from them.”
  • “I have more time and energy for growing our business and taking care for our customers.”

With this online training you get:

Module 1

Make Americans receptive to you and your proposal. The ‘runway’ for your proposal.

Module 2

Make a short and positive proposal with impact and respect.

8 proposals written out

which you can use in your daily work life.

Access to the closed community

You will get new suggestions, ideas and advices to fine-tune.

In module 1 and 2 you will find:

An explanation on:

  • Why this Inspire and Convince Americans method is necessary and important.
  • The way that won’t work with Americans and the way that will work with Americans.
  • How American values can clash with your values or objectives such as cost-efficiency, re-use, quality, speedy decision-making, openness & sharing, etc. And how to deal with that?
  • The explanation in module 1 and 2 is available in three formats (resume, video, audio).

A workbook containing:

  • A short easy-to-use checklist to open them up and to convince them. An explanation on how to apply the checklist.
  • Several assignments to prepare and practice, so you can immediately apply it to your work situation. When you completed the workbooks you have your proposal ready and tailored to Americans.
  • A hypothesis to explore your assumptions regarding your American conversation partners. I will invite you to replace negative assumptions by neutral or positive once so that you can move forward.

This online training is ideal:

  • if you want to learn to do a proposal face-to-face, during conference call or by email.
  • if you want to work on your personal use case, your situation and your message. This is about improving you, your ‘likeability’-factor and proposal.
  • if convincing Americans is vital to the success of your project, department, Product Line, Business Line, Business Unit or organization.
  • if you quickly need adequate guidance and practical examples that you can use on the job.
  • if you want to show initiative quickly and have more impact on the working situation with your  American colleagues.
  • if you want to set your own pace. You get lifelong access to the training.
  • if you want to learn in a safe and healthy environment. You don’t need to go anywhere.

You will receive right now:

  • Immediate access to the pre-created modules in the online training environment.
  • Lifelong access to the online training. As long as this program exists, you keep access and get all updates.
  • Biweekly supervision by me, as a business anthropologist
    • 1 hour every two weeks, for 12 times. This is a temporary offer, so be quick!
    • Assume that you will need an average of one hour a week for homework (reading and doing assignments).
    • During the supervision I will answer your questions about the theory, discuss your assignments and help you with that and practice skills.
    • You will call in at a fixed time (without obligation). We will find a suitable timeslot.
    • The group will consist of a maximum of 5 people.
    • Some sessions will be individual to get the desired effect if you wish.
  • If you want, you will get 6 months access to the closed community in LinkedIn for feedback, questions, suggestions.
  • Printable graphic reminder of the checklist Inspire & Convince Americans. You can use it during meetings and phone calls. You know at any time in the meeting where you are in the process and what to do next.
  • The checklist with a flowchart. With a mouse click, you can easily and quickly find explanations and background information.
  • Free bonuses, like proposals worked out. In 8 proposals I will show you how I apply the checklist steps to make Americans more receptive and to convince them.
  • All kinds of extras, like the working principle, list of compliments, etc.

For whom is this training suitable?

Suitable for motivated persons working with Americans

The training is of interest to anyone who works with Americans, regardless of their education, position, cultural background and amount of experience and who is willing to carefully study the theory (resume) in each module and complete the assignments in order to convince Americans.

Also suitable for Startups, Scale-ups, Marketing, Sales

This course is also suitable if you work in marketing or sales and want to sell products or services to Americans. However, it is not a sales course, but if you really want to convince them, than this is your training. It doesn’t matter whether you work for a Startup or Scale-up or a company with a long history, you are welcome.

Your investment

The total market value of this online training alone is € 4,988 per person,
let alone the added value of the supervision by me as a business anthropologist.


Based in The Netherlands

INVEST € 2,300

+21% tax per person
 Including supervision (1 hour every two weeks, for 12 times. Temporary offer!)


Based in the EU (other than NL)

INVEST € 2,300

Per person, reverse charge or 0% VAT.
Including supervision (1 hour every two weeks, for 12 times. Temporary offer!)

Companies worldwide

(outside the EU)

INVEST € 2,300

Per person, tax-exempt.
Including supervision (1 hour every two weeks, for 12 times. Temporary offer!)


Without VAT ID number, based in EU (and NL)

INVEST € 2,829

Per person, inclusive tax.
Including supervision (1 hour every two weeks, for 12 times. Temporary offer!)

Coaching to become even more effective

That is certainly possible!