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I want to learn how to make short and positive proposals to Americans and facilitate and improve my working relationship with them.
I want to be able to apply that immediately and at any time. I live in the EU and/or my company is based in the EU.

Price for online training Convince Americans Quickly

The total market value of Convince Americans Quickly for Tech Companies is € 4,988 per person.


For companies based in The Netherlands, your investment is now only € 2,300 + 21% tax per person.

For consumers (without VAT ID number) based in the EU (and The Netherlands), your investment is now only 2,829 euro inclusive tax per person.

For companies based in the EU other than the Netherlands, your investment for this training is now only € 2,300 per person. Depending on where you are located, your tax will be reverse-charged or at the 0% rate. You pay tax in your country.


What happens when you sign up?

What do you get?

You get quick access if you register now. I will send you an invoice by email. If you pay and if the persons who want to do the training give me their permission, I will send them their personal login code by e-mail. If you like, you and your colleagues can start today or tomorrow. The online training works best with Google Chrome.

The two modules with practical explanations are immediately available in the online learning environment. You start with module 1 and read the resume and then complete the assignments in the workbook. Then you read and complete module 2. Next, you can read and learn from the bonuses: the proposals written by me. As soon as you enter the learning environment, you know exactly what you need to do to make Americans receptive and convince them.

You can download the workbooks and the graphic illustration of the checklist Convince Americans Quickly for Tech Companies and use it as a reminder during meetings.

If you like, you will get 6 months access to the LinkedIn community after starting the program.

You set the pace at which you follow Convince Americans Quickly for Tech Companies. Your schedule takes precedence. You get lifelong access to the online learning environment, so you can access it whenever you need. It means as long as this program exists, you will keep access and get all the updates.

You’ll have your irresistible proposal in no time, and you’ll know how to apply it. You will analyze and improve your personal use case and situation. Very practical and focussed. It is going to save you a lot of time in the future.


  • “I live in the EU. My cultural background is different from those in the EU. Can I follow this training? Is it suitable for me?”

    As long as you recognize (some of) the issues written on this website, the training is suitable for you. Than it doesn’t matter if you are originally from China, India, South America, Canada, Israel, Greece, Turkey, etc. The checklists and workbooks with assignments will be very useful to you.

    In the second resume I discuss American values (like time is money, launching products very quickly, being very opportunistic about deadlines and results and prices, talking about rosy pictured results, being very proud, a winning mentality, being service minded, etc). Some of these American values can ‘clash’ with your values or objectives such as cost-efficiency and re-use, deliver quality, openness & sharing information (instead of not sharing requirements), win-win mentality (instead of win-lose), thoughtfulness and a structured way of working. I explain how to deal with these.

    Not all values or goals may be important to you, depending your culture. Only use the ones that apply to you. If you experience situations that have not been described here, you can share them via the online community. I will react. If it is something that more people experience and if it fits within the scope of the training, I can include this in the training. You can acces the online community when you have purchased this training.

    Living in the EU is only important for tax reasons. Because of the tax system it is relatively easy for 4c Unity to do taxes for digital services for private persons in the EU (without a VAT ID number) and companies based in the EU (with a VAT ID number), but not possible to do this for persons and companies based outside the EU. It is unfortunately too complex.

  • “I live outside the EU (or my company is based outside the EU). Why can’t I follow this training? I also would like to improve my relationship with Americans.”

    Sorry. Only private persons or companies based in the EU can buy this training.

    Because of the tax system it is relatively easy for 4c Unity to do taxes for digital services for private persons in the EU (without a VAT ID number) and companies based in the EU (with a VAT ID number), but not possible to do this for persons and companies based outside the EU. It is unfortunately too complex.

    The training is for engineers, technicians, technical managers, project leaders, program managers, resource managers, quality managers, personal assistants of all cultural backgrounds worldwide, but based in the European Union, working in technical companies (electronics, chemistry, biology, energy, research, etc).

  • “Can I buy this training for another person or for several persons? How do we get the access codes?”

    Yes, you can. When a manager who is based in the EU buys this training for another person or for several persons, those persons have to send me an email to explain that:

    • the invoice is paid (wait for the confirmation of your internal payment department or external paying agency).
    • you have bought the training for them. So, they should add your email and name.
    • they give me their permission to email them their access code.

    In this way we act in line with the General Data Protection Regulation. By sending this email, I can give them quick access.

  • “What kind of details do you need from me or my company when I buy this training?” (for taxes)

    It depends whether you buy this training as a private person or as a company (based in EU).

    Private person

    Short answer: Please fill in your billing address in the form on the Sign up page.

    Long answer: The tax office asks 4c Unity (and any other supplier of digital services) to collect and hand over two non-contradictory means of evidence to determine the residence of a private person in the EU (without a VAT ID number) who buys this online training, like the billing address, bank details or ip address. So I need to prove that you live in the EU and in which country. So I can bill the right amount of taxes to you and pay the right amount to the tax office in your country. (Every EU country has its own tax amount). You will find ‘billing address’ in the form on the Sign up page. I would like to have the complete details. Please fill it in. The other two details you don’t have to fill in there. I will get those automatically when you pay the invoice and when you access the training. This tax legislation is called the MOSS legislation.

    For tax reasons, companies based in the EU, need to fill in their VAT ID number, which 4c Unity should check first, before I can give you access to the training. Dutch companies don’t have to fill in their VAT ID number. They have to pay 21% taxes. In some countries the ‘reverse charge’ mechanism applies.

    I will respect your privacy. Please check the privacy statement.

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    Foresee to get Unity

    Foresee to get Unity. Foresee stands for insight, foresight, intuitive intelligence, for wisdom, for higher knowledge. (What?!) Yes. With insight into the Americans, you can foresee what will happen. The other person is more predictable. You can anticipate and adjust your actions to match. You see the person behind the American. That is necessary to make a connection.

    Connection offers you both something. It contributes to togetherness and to getting the best out of business together. Achieving unity in diversity. That is what 4c Unity stands for.

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