“America’s market is ‘down the drain’. Why should I invest in this training right now?”

17 November 2020 by Marjoleine van Sinderen, 4c Unity

Is it really in your field or are they still going strong? If the market is down now, for how long? Do you believe their situation will last forever? Don’t you think they want to be a world leader? They might need you to do the research and development. They might need a selling market quickly.

Take the stage now!

I think the world, the markets, and the people are interconnected. So be ready and be prepared. They might knock on your door very soon. This is your chance to prepare well for how to take the stage, how to become top of mind, how to be listened to, and how to get your ideas and proposals accepted. Ultimately, it comes down to one thing: they want to make money. You are part of the solution. They need you to reach their goals, because you have this specific expertise of yours. This uniqueness. How do you convince them of that? This online training Convince Americans Quickly is for people working in a technical environment. Your questions will be answered in the online community.

What is unique about your solution?

What really makes your proposal and your solution unique? Don’t be too modest and don’t be too general. You will see them losing their interest. So, what is it? Many people find it difficult to put this into words. It might be related to your culture. “Just act normal, don’t exaggerate.” Maybe you never gave it a second thought. Perhaps you did …. and let it slide. (I know. You are busy). Possibly you needed many words to explain. It isn’t easy to describe your uniqueness. It requires time, attention, and background information. I will help you. This is one of the aspects in the checklist. You will learn to put the uniqueness of your proposal into words. With the workbook assignments you will make it a Wow with something the Americans are sensitive to. That is not the same you are sensitive to. You will find these aspects in the resume. I will help you to put this into practice. Actually doing it.

Lifelong access to the training

Ah, you are careful spending your money right now? It is a one-time investment and you will have lifelong access to this online training. If you decide not to buy it, and they are knocking on your door, or you are knocking on theirs and you are not prepared well, what will you say? The same thing as you used to? Then you will get what you got or what you have right now. What will it cost you and your company if you continue the way you are doing now? What business opportunities are you missing or will you miss? How many thousands, ten thousands, millions of euros?
I’am happy to help. We can’t force the approval of your (technical) ideas, but we can prepare you well, so they can hardly resist it.

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