Mindfulness Yoga Class

I give easy yoga classes with full attention to your breathing, your whole body and postures, so you can come back home to yourself and recharge your energy. Through open-ended questions you become more aware of yourself. For example:

  • Where is your breathing right now in this pose?
  • Where does your inhale/exhale begin and where does your inhale/exhale end?
  • Where does your breathing make space?
  • How does your left side of your body feel compared to the right side? (Does it feel stimulated, longer or shorter, warmer or colder?)

It can be either a hathales, yinles or a yoga nidrales. There is room to come out of the pose earlier if you feel that is right for you. The class ends with pranayama. These are breathing exercises as you sit. It helps you to relax and improves your health. Then there will be a short meditation and relaxation.

Bron: Thich Nhat Hanh

Why meditation?

  • First of all, you are going to slow down and stop so that you can be aware of yourself, which will help you understand yourself even better. What are you thinking, feeling and doing?
  • You are invited to look and deal with what you are feeling, thinking and encountering right now with kindness, understanding and love.
  • You train your mind, your brain becomes more quiet and you begin to focus better when you meditate regularly. You look mindfully at emerging thoughts such as: ‘I have to write that one more email’. Mindfully you say to yourself, ‘this is not important now’. Then you focus again on your inhalation and exhalation.
  • In silence you can experience: what happens inwardly? You recognize habits and patterns of your mind, which do not work for you. Which you got from your upbringing and society, which you have continued and in which you may be entangled.
  • Then you can start to look at them differently. You start looking differently at your recurring unhelpful thoughts, at possible pain, sorrow and suffering. You stay with it with your attention. You acknowledge it silently. For example, “hi turmoil, I know you are there and I am with you. Often you can then see what is underneath. If you don’t do this, it works against you, gets bigger and some patterns can make you tired or even sick.
  • When you take care of your body and mind, you can feel gratitude and joy for what is there. ‘Nice that my lungs are working so well’. ‘Nice to have this hour to myself’.

Mindfulness and meditation require perseverance and regular practice. Think of it this way, “I’m working with it and working on it.” This is important because with our thoughts and feelings, we guide our actions and create our world.

I also provide meditation classes separate from yoga classes.

I am …

trained as a hatha raja yoga and meditation teacher (6 years). I explore Buddhist psychology and mindfulness, among other topics. I am also a Time To Think Coach and Time to Think Group Facilitator where yoga and mindfulness may be used.

I teach individual yoga classes at home and online. Would you like me to take over your yoga class and do you live near Liempde? If so, please contact me.